Sunday, September 21, 2003

"i Love Sentosa"

I'm Back Home... So tired.... My Uncle and i went to Seatosa 3pm But the wheather r not very Good... Erm.. i only go to the Beach to swim AnD Watch the MuSiCal FounTion...Wow ... I Can say tat ShoW "MuSiCal FounTion" r Very Cool... yup... The story is about Kiki the monkey and his friends will bring you on a journey into a secret Sentosa unknown to the world... den i also Meet the dancing octopus and jellyfish and the beautiful Princess Pearl... so Cute.. hahaha... Kiki "In Love" with beautiful Princess Pear... U Know? :p.... hehe... Oh ya... Make sure I will go Sentosa again.... haha.. I go Sentosa again is not because i miss Kiki... hahaha... after e show i leave sentosa around 8pm den we take NEL Train to Hougang for dinner... haha... By the time we reach Hougang Station 9pm.... we already hungry like Hungry Ghost!!! we order food like nobody Business.. Just Eat watever Food in our Mouth... hahaha... after dinner about 10pm... My Uncle say tat Hougang to my Area r very near so we Decided to have journey walk.... walk N walk..... we find out tat journey we walk r long distance den i tell my uncle tat... Why "not" we take SBS Bus? hehe... so we take the bus right back home... i reach home around 12.15am... haha..

tat's why i'm Tired.... :P

Saturday, September 20, 2003

"My T-shirt was Gone"

today i'm doing my diary for eight hours... good News is my diary r really! Bad News is I'm tired... hehe... so sad... today i feel so sorry to my ITE classmate! they r forcing me to go KTV but i told them that i dun really like 2 go tat kind of places.. and i feel very bad when i lie 2 them tat.. i'm going to my uncle place for dinner... God!... am I yr son? should I lie 2 U? God i will not tell lie again.. please forgive me as a prayer!!! ... erm.. i have a very funny thinking in my mind and i wanted to laugh out loud this afternoon... i'm laughing at my classmate who went 2 KTV because a lot of uncle use 2 go geylang sing song wan... means tat my classmate r all uncle... hahahahaha... tat's funny.. hehe.. oh dear! today my baby sister go n hid my T-shirt... yaya.. story is go like tat.. after my bathing i saw my T-shirt was gone and i was thinking "who is tat hell taken? .... i remember tat i put it at my chair.... cannot be a hungry ghost who taken away my T-shirt... den i started to find my T-shirt but i can't find it! suddenly i turn my head facing at my Dad room... i saw my Baby sister sleeping so sweet and huging my T-Shirt!!! hehe.. izzit tat Sweet!!! hahaha... oh ya... today saw my st andrew friend at hougang playing pool... Wow.. they grow very tall now AnD very fit too.. haha.. Maybe they all train too much on rugby!!! So Embarrassed... i lose MSN game 2 Someone and i have no face to hid... hehe .. yup... make sure i will win her next round MSN game!!! hahahaha....

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