Thursday, February 05, 2004

"About Abortion Taking Place"

yo baby..

Last days of chinese New year..

So happy.. Yes men.. finally No homework.. God set me free.. freedom dudes *Wink*. hehe.. well.. sometime i get headaches when i do lots of homework loading up on my table and my notes also flying all over. it's really killing me. haha.. today pretty much slacking not much to do then. yeah.. tomorrow got Tests and i did not study at all.. me so silly.. I left all my notes in the locker today. i'm dead.. pray tat tomorrow my test i can pass..

i meet Raymond for dinner today.. i meet him because we had to do some BB stuff in church.. well.. both of us was gresse the Bagpipes today. yup. Lots of hard work maintaining the intstruments. haha.. just now me and raymond tok alot of crappy words n lame joke in the BB room.. damn farny.. stop it Raymond.. hahahahaha..

*Sarcastic* I Guess these few days my mood r going down n down n down into the deep sea.. coz of Valentine's Day is coming. Argh.. doesn't sound good to me cos i'm single. haha.. no choose.. nobody like the coolest aloy's!!!

today QY talking about abortion taking place.. it's really gross out.. u can't see the baby's head was clearly seen floating inside the uterus.. somemore.. she say the baby was torned apart, the pump was moving inside the uterus.. EeeeeEE.. lucky. i am a male lor.. male can only make "coco cakes" at the toilet.. shh... Don't tell anyone.. hahahahaha..

i going off now.. Yes.. happy valentine's day to all my friends i know. *Big MUACKS*


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