Sunday, February 22, 2004

"EPL Soccer Match"

Yo Dairy..

i am damn super tired and sleepy. quite Blur too.

sorry. i woke up late for YF today but i still manage to go church. well. when i wake up tat time i was so sleepy lor.. my mind thinking of potent YF today. but i can't.. aloy stay committed.. hehe.. after tat i meet up everyone for lunch.

afterwards i call up joezer to play pool with me at Orchard.. while i still waiting my uncle car to come. haha.. yes.. i'm the loser lor.. joezer beat me 6 win one lose.. haha. i was like shock a bit. hey joe! i going to beat u this time!! hahahahaha.. JK.

after tat i went swimming. swim ten lap for today.. quite tiring.. hehe..

yup. i am so happy tat i met my old Schoolmate from St andrew at P.S today. yes yes. we also exchange our Hp number too.. hehe.. it's really long time never see them. i miss them alot.. hehe.. SA is the Best "up on on"!! SA Rock u!!!

anyway.. i felt pretty fun today. it's wonderful day of course men.. haha.

Yesterday ACJC Fun n Rama..

yup. it's fun and enjoyable day we have.. it's some kind of fun fair going on. yup. down here have lots of Food n Game stall there. but i need to complaint about the food they given to us. it's too little lor.. they only just give us a small bowl of food and tax us 3 bucks and above on tat stupid food itself.. it's too exp lor!! Oh well forget it. nvm.. it's over. argh.. Oh yaya. i did know tat Shi Jia also study at ACJC. haha. it's happen to seeing her selling food. sama sama as Jenalyn too.. Haha. thanks to our tour guide Jenalyn. she asked us to follow her go tour around ACJC. well. thanks to our tour guide Jenalyn invited us for "Fun n Rama".. it's cool to be with.. it's fun to be with..

Afternoon i went for BB parade...

after parade over.. we rushed back home get changed and took cab down to watch the Big match Chelsea VS Arsenal & Man Utd vs Leed Utd live match at CHIJMES. yeah. two prefect ten D.J also down there too.. btw.. down there have a two big screen facing us. it's cool to cheer n shout Goals.. Goals.. !!! hahaha... Leeds really lucky on tat night. And Leed manage to hold man Utd a draw.. oh mine.. yeah. i hate Leeds. Leeds Sucx!!! hahahaha..

haha.. Maybe every saturday i'm going down to CHIJMES watch EPL soccer match again n again.. Cool.. Soccer season just for aloy weekend!!!

cya.. tomorrow i got blood donation at SGH.. diaoz.. i was so scare and afraid of injection. u know!!! oh dear.. how??

alright.. i gtg now.. tomorrow got sch. Coolest night.. tar tar!!


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