Friday, February 27, 2004

"God Set Me Free"

hey Dairy..

i'm a Coolest slacker above world wide. haha..

finally.. today is freedom day for me.. Freedom at last!!!

Now i have a peaceful day to write my beloved dairy again.. haha. i haven't been updating my own dairy for four days liao. yup. misses lots of stuff i want to said inside my entry..cos i had been so busy spending time doing my stupid project.. oh yes. it's time to write it out one and for all. Wow.. wow.. check it out dudes.. Yo yo..


it's killing me. i guess.. i had lots of project stuff i haven't finish up. yup. my teacher announce to our class tat friday we need to pass up the project on tat day. oh mine.. how?? it just junk me just like tat. my life wasn't gd at all.. life realli turn into darkest doing these project. And i had no way to hide and run.. no time to slack around at home. as u know.. times are realli important to me. yet i still slack around(kick aloy butt). it's time to use my two pair of hands to works like a machines liao.. hehe.. well. i always tell myself tat i always have some confident of doing my project nice and neat.. but.. argh.. u will know later on.. cya

i went to blood donation. this is my first time donating half of my blood supply. i feel perfectly normal anyway. yeah.. i can see my blood flowing through into the blood bag.. EEeeEe.. then the nurse asked me to rest in the donor chair for least 10 minutes after the donation is completed and i have to wait until the nurse puts a plaster over the needle site...

naughty QY told me to go drink cow's blood and settles everything for all... wat the...


sch's "ok".. i am "not ok".. haha.. cos i need to use my PC mouse to click on the "Track icon" and use it as connected up together with the component drawing as i have selected icon given to us by this stupid software... it's not easy to do inside the computer instead. yeah.. i need to save my job file into a floppy disk then i need to print out a piece of paper. after doing tat.. i need to convert into a circuit board. it's not easy to do so.. need patient.

well. i spend most of the time doing my project stuff in my com. my two pairs of eyes going to be blink soon. cos i keep on staring on the com screen.. my eyes realli painful lor. no choice.. i look tired but i can't rest at all.. my time are really precious for me. it budden me alot.. i also have enough of sleep too.. i think i slept around 3am.. oh my goodness.. i'm so tiring.. so sleepy.. i still go to sch... feel like potent sch... hahaha..


in the morning.. i still role at my bed when my eyes was close. haha. i'm so sleepy.. u know!! yup. brush my own teeth.. ready to go sch liao..

after came back from school around 5pm.. i need to rush down meet up all my friends for Buffet dinner at harbourfront NEL station inside. it's happy to see friends grathering again.. it's too special.. special until i end up in the Dragon Grate Restaurant. haha.. the food here r great!!! the dish are perfect tasty and smell nice too. yeah. limited order dish.. sad to say out.. i only can order Shark's fin once.. cya.. anyway. i must said tat the resturant has a well management towards Customer. somemore the waiter will serve u right infront of u taking yr order. cool.. it's damn high-class as i know lor.. keep it up a good job men!!!

ho.. i did do my project at all. oh mine.. time seriourly running out.. i got to continue my project liao..


almost overslept. tat night i sleep around 2.30.. i think.. so tiring.. i still need to go sch again when i have enough of sleep past few days. no choice.. things have to finish up first..

God bless!!

i have convert into a circuit board already.. now.. it's time to drill hole n do some soldering on my project board.. yup. finish up half way through..

after half way through... i find out one of my "IC chip" component can't fix into the circuit board.. dead men.. i felt so upset when i saw on my own eye. i'm was shock!!! Yes.. my hardwork is gone. really.. cya out with tear on.. life is unfair. why.. me.. me...

i also went jogging with Wei Ming, John, Edward and Raymond. haha.. i'm trying to be fit fit. i jogged 3.5km distance between from toa payoh to bishan park. yup. i sweat alots men.. non-stop jogging along the track way. aiyo.. not like Raymond.. Hahahaha...

I slept around 4am...


sch's ok. but i felt so sad about my project. everything was gone including hardwork i had done. yeah.. i have pass up my project today. i had lose out confident of doing these major project. i'm stupid.. life is unfair.. i know.. nvm.. it's over for me.. make sure next project i'm going to do better one... Amen.

sch was over. i went back straight home to take a wonderful nap. hehe.. finally..

after nap.. it's time to go Church for some band practise with my boys. yes.. praise the lord!! My boys have improvement on it and they have interest to learn from me.. it took two month to see the result going on.. oh yes. my bagpipe band really works.. lalalalala.. so happy i am now.

yeah.. tomorrow afternoon i need to go church to do some BB stuff again.. after tat.. i need to attend the BB meeting in the evening.

alright.. gtg now.. gd nite.. bie.


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