Tuesday, February 03, 2004

"I Love Australia so much"

i'm feeling so restless now. these Brain of mine can't think of anything much.. just go to sch.. Day dream about "when i going to stay at Australia".. i really love australia so much.. i heard tat the country plenty cool... especially.. hillsongs Band playing. anyway. i hope tat i can stay there forever.. just dream about it.. hope dream can come true easier.. haha..

today. i going madness.. why everybody keep on saying aloy have a blur look.. cya.. i had no idea wat they say.. can anyone tell me? why??

cool.. my test is postponed to friday! yippie! Now i have more time to study and i'm gonna to do well. so oh wells..

okay, i really need a rest now. either that or you'll find me online. haha.


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