Sunday, February 08, 2004

"I love the Beach"

tiring day...

apologize about this morning YF, i was late for YF today. came in the door step i saw jo.. jo look at me and she say "why u late for YF".. haha.. then i trying to defend myself of saying alots of excuse. haha.. no larz.. i really tell her the truth then.. tat night i really went out with my friend for movie. not bluff or bull u. must trust aloy lor.. Aloy always stay committed to YF wan. dun play play with me.. ok.. haha.. after the YF is over.. it's time for Lunch!! Lunch!!! yeah.. i went to Far east plaza for lunch with wei ming, amanda, joezer and they all. pretty fun and enjoyable days with them!!! ya lor.. joezer so fast go.. somemore leave me alone here.. haha.. but.. anyway. it's cool to be with.. well. today i brought two T-shirt for 70 bucks from Hooker shop and i was choose for Hours to find my T-shirts i like the most.. i buy large size for myself.. yup. tat design of the pic painted on the T-shirt are really Nice and meaningful in the sence. no regret buying it. hahahaha..

afterwards.. i go n meet up my uncle at Somerset MRT outside.. he waited for me so long.. haha.. but he never say anything.. today both of us when to Parkway parade and East coast. yup. i love the beach when i hear the sound of the wave coming and the wind blow onto me.. it's cool to see the island of indonesia. the land of indonesia very big lor haha.. not like singapore a dot mark on it..

i love the Beach!!!!!!!!

but i still enjoy my life in singapore.. it's safe country.. No crime at all.. just say no crime.. lame.. haha.. like crime Watch show..

yup. both of eye going to close liao.. okok.. God Bless.. tc


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