Saturday, February 28, 2004

"Wonderful Time Getting Alone"

hi Dairy.

i had a wonderful time getting alone well. Everything was alright.. but. one things of sure is being late for YF again. haha. wasn't my fault at all.. cos of yesterday.. i having a officer meeting going on.. yup. the meeting ended very very late. tat's why i'm late today.. hahaha.. i am trying to excuse myself being late.. shh. No sweat drop from aloy forehead :P ...hahahaha..

Yesterday meeting.. Wow. i cannot believe wat i saw on my own eye.. it's just sooo happening once in my life time officers Bringing their file for meeting. first time!!! haha.. sad to said tat i was kana shot by captain alot of time.. it's about things i kana Scolded and things tat i bored to do so.. like.. Band log book never handle up on time, Statement of account for food forgotten to do, Band Stock checking at BB room never check, BB Adventure Quest for training up our Boys fittness dairy programme didn't submitted to my brother at all and last year attendence Squad roll books totally lost but luckily can be recompiled. yup. too much things to submit. maybe i am too slack or wat.. Opps!! Hehe. next week i'm going very very tired of some extra stuff need to be done on.. like.. tie the three New "pipe bag" for boys to use.. then i need to prepare BB presentation for the new recuits on saturday.. i felt so tired of doing lots of stuff.. i think i going more madness about BB stuff already... no choice.. i'm serving Gods as a same time.

yup. today YF is great!!! we play captain ball indoor. very fun!! oh well.. i was so surprised by wiston.. wiston asked me to do the Rootworks stuff.. he also set a dateline for me to complete it by two week times. anyway.. i hope tat i can finish it on time.. no worry at all... hehe..

anyway.. i need to end my dairy now. cya.. tomorrow got sch going on and i have to attend myself whole days in the lab studies.. it's too tough for me. i'm getting so sleepy now.. okay.. sweet dream.. nite. God Bless.

My prayer is tat you will also find everything in life worthless in comparison to Knowing Jesus Christ...


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