Wednesday, March 31, 2004

"Break world record for 2.4km"

Hi dairy…

I’m back to update my blog once again. Haha.. Sorry about last week I was totally busy with lots of thing overload me.. It’s terrible.. My brain going to be stormy soon… haha.. these days I’m fine.. my life are stable.. dun worry abt me.. I know God will help me through.. right. Hehe..

Last Thursday..

I went to medical check out on tat day.. Yeah.. I need to go through 8 medical examination station for four hours.. first station was the urine test.. second station.. Blood test to find out G6PD status and haemoglobin level.. third station.. Chest X-chest.. fourth station.. eye test and colour blindness.. fifth Station.. oral Examination by the Dental officer.. sixth station measurement for height and weight.. seven Station.. ECG lungs breathing test.. eight station is the Question Quiz.. yaya.. I felt so dumb doing tat Quiz for two hours.. argh. All these test will help me determine my physical Employment standard grading.. cya... I have been graded provisionally as Physical Emplyment Status (PES) “A” .. diaox.. PES “A” means tat I am Fit for all operational vocation which means full BMT for me… I also need to go for NSPFA Fitness test.. oh noo.. I know life going to be tough for me when I went in army.. cya.. I dun wan to go NS… aloy cya out pretty loud!!!!

Last Sunday..

I went to YF.. but.. I did attend the full YF service cos I was toking with my bro allan and cindy outside the doorway to settle so serious stuff which I can’t tell everyone only my member know abt it.. when both of them tok abt Bad news to me.. I felt really upset abt wat they told me.. I feel like very very sorry to my member and I realli spent my time working pretty hard for it.. I just want them to approve tat’s all.. I hope god understand.. and I will not give up so easy.. I’m sure tat cindy will set agreement with me. I just pray for it then… argh.. I also went out with an fu, wee koon, jess, Lydia and more.. ya.. an fu told me to follow him to buy bassist guitar.. but.. end up the shop close. Anyway we having lots of fun there going around ulu places.. And the weather is damn hot and stuffy too. Yaya. I sweat lot of course… after tat.. I apart with them.. so I meet up my uncle at Orchard.. yeah.. me n uncle went dinner at country club.. Cool.. lots of food there to choice.. eat until I really Full..

Last Monday and Tuesday…

In sch.. I felt so Sleepy and I fell asleep in class.. hehe.. but.. I still manage to catch up my topic on.. dun worry.. haha.. yeah.. I spend most of my time doing my project at home.. aloy head pain about planning a stupid project!!!!


Today fitness test.. I am cold animal.. I break sch top ten ranking record for 2.4km and I also 1st running up for my class… I can’t believe it.. maybe I’m super fast.. my timing was 9 min 45 sec.. haha.. teacher was like a bit shock and my classmate too.. lalalaalala..

Well… I’m sleepy now and I need to wake myself up early... somemore.. I also need to attend fellowship in church.. yup.. tomorrow going to be drying off.. haha..

Alright.. I gtg now.. bye Dairy.. bye everyone.. God bless u..

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


hey Dairy..

i felt so exhausted today. Maybe i slept very very late doing some stuff yesterday night. yeah.. But i still manage to go to sch on time. Anyways. gd news abt today was.. No homework overload me today.. hahaha.. finally today realli can take a big big nap.. aloy going to sleep like a pig liao.. dun.. hahaha..

Sch is ok. No homework.. haha.. But i still need to pay attend during lesson. yeah.. i intend to get A or B grade and i hope tat i can get my remark awarded. Well. i just got my second project to do.. it's killing me.. i hate project u know.. And i had been told to handle up on 6/4 dateline.. argh.. i just wonder when i can relax myself. God please set me free.. i want freedom i mean.. cya..

Tomorrow.. i'm not going to sch because i need to go for NS medical check up. yup.. tomorrow i'm going to spend my days there check all my body part whether i'm fit anot.. hahahaha..

okie.. tat's all for today dairy.. i'm going to take my nap now.. cya out.. bye bye.

Monday, March 22, 2004


i'm crazy...

crazy about dunno wat.. haha..

today.. i got an nightmare going on into my dreamland.. tat dream was so Scary.. Yes.. i got frighten by mine dreamland. i couldn't remember the dream.. opps!! but the dream since to repeating n repeating until i automatic wake up myself up on the bed. yeah.. maybe i think too much or wat.. hahaha

oh yes.. reopen sch again.. haha.. today no lesson at all... So nice.. nah.. well.. i just got back my test paper today.. yup. i pass my test of course... the remark i got is.. erm.. not bad.. hahha.. but aloy need to work more harder..

alright.. i need to offline now.. cya.. bie dairy..Night

Sunday, March 21, 2004

"Poor Little Puppy"

sorry about today...

i went YF for's because i need to settle some BB donation Cards problem with my boys.. yeah.. tat's why u can see me rush down the stair so quickly.. headaches u know anot?? Somemore i need to count all the money we have collected on BB week itself... brain pain.. argh.. it's putting me more stuff when my brain going to grow bigger n bigger soon...

afterwards.. i also have a meeting with FOG member about some important things tat i need to speak out to them.. hiyo.. i only late for one minute then they all wanted me to paid 10 bucks for the FOG Rules n Fine.. not fair.. i only late one minute... i want to complain!!!!

after the meeting over.. i went back home straight.. then online almost whole day changing my blog templates and MSN too.. yaya.. today MSN i was chatting with leah hang about crapping stuff like school.. PSLE and our life. yeah.. nice chatting with her with her interesting stuff she has told me.. but.. for sure.. she always bully me on MSN.. she treated me like a poor little puppy.. so sad.. poor little puppy as being bully by leah.. puppy cya out very loud.. cya..

yeah.. tomorrow sch reopen liao.. i need to sleep.. gtg now.. bie everyone!!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

"Everytime Was So Messy"


My days r fine. And I didn't update my dairy for a long time already.. cos.. Past few days i have been currently Busy with some FOG stuff And BB stuff. it's killing me of course.. But.. no problem getting along with it cos i have lots of manpower helping me out And i must realli thanks God for his help and provide me everything i needed.. i can said tat.. i'm sure tat everytime will go smoothly for me... yup.. let see how was the day progress going on..

Well. i went jaming with An fu, jenalyn, joezer, me, amanda, Michelle, allan, cindy and joezer friend too.. yaya.. starting was so horrible And everything was so messy about the songs tat we wanted play along. haha.. But.. overall.. everyone is pretty successful getting along with and they have done a Great job to try out two hillsong tunes tat we can play together... haha.. poor me.. i need to practise more.. argh..

anyway. it's an enjoyable days for me.. But.. i got bully by Someone from afternoon until evening.. cya.. poor aloy..

alright.. i need to go off now.. cyer all.

Friday, March 12, 2004

"Michael Jackson"

Michael Jackson..

A star since the age of 12 when The Jackson Five registered four Number 1 hits in 1970, Michael Jackson parlayed his remarkable singing and dancing talents into megastardom, the likes of which few entertainers have ever known, and yet at the very height of his fame, allegations of child molestation severely damaged his career, sending the "eccentric" performer into an even more reclusive posture than usual. The son of an abusive father who drove him and his brothers mercilessly to their success, he missed out on a normal childhood, forced not only to convey the composure of an adult in his little boy's body as the front man for the popular group but also to branch out simultaneously as a solo artist. Jackson was more than equal to the task as his stunning accomplishments attest, but what price did he pay for a lifetime in the spotlight? It is not so farfetched that his penchant for surrounding himself with children is an attempt to vicariously experience the joys of a childhood sacrificed at the altar of the recording industry

One of nine siblings, Jackson joined his four older brothers in the act his father was presenting at various clubs in the Chicago area. When they first auditioned for Berry Gordy's Motown label, he had not reached his tenth birthday, but he was already a seasoned professional, displaying some dazzling footwork on James Brown's "I Got the Feeling" that would have made the Godfather of Soul proud. With Gordy's backing, The Jackson Five exploded into the national consciousness with "I Want You Back", "ABC", "The Love You Save" and I'll Be There" all occupying the top spot on the chart before 1970 had run its course. Two years later, Michael enjoyed his first solo Number 1 hit with "Ben", from his second album. Chafing at the artistic restraints applied by Gordy, the brothers left Motown for Epic, changed their name and brought out "The Jacksons" (1976), containing Michael's first published song, "Blues Away". He made his feature debut in "The Wiz" (1978) at age 20, contributing some brilliant dance work in his role as the Scarecrow."

During the filming of "The Wiz", Jackson renewed an old acquaintance with producer Quincy Jones, and their subsequent collaborations would earn him the title he still claims to this day, 'King of Pop'. They warmed up with "Off the Wall" (1979) but really scored with their second effort, "Thriller" (1982), featuring three No. 1 hits ("The Girl Is Mine", "Billie Jean" and "Beat It"). Winner of seven Grammy Awards, it remains the best-selling album in the history of the recording industry and was still selling well over a million copies a year in 1995, thirteen years after its release. In association with it, Jackson starred in John Landis' "Thriller" video, considered the best music video ever made. A teaming with Paul McCartney led to another No. 1 single, "Say, Say, Say" (1983), before he wrote (with Lionel Ritchie) "We Are the World" (1985) in an effort to raise the world's consciousness about the plight of famine-stricken nations in Africa. Produced by Jones with an all-star cast, it won the Song of the Year Grammy for 1985.

Jackson starred in the 3-D fantasy short "Captain Eo" (1986), a popular film with children shown at Disney's Epcot Center and Disneyland theme park, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas. His last album with Jones, "Bad" (1987), yielded an unprecedented five Number One hits, and, as was the case with "Thriller", every track was memorable. He released one more successful album ("Dangerous" 1991) before excessive media attention regarding his alleged misconduct turned people against him. The heavily-hyped "HIStory" (1995) sold poorly, failing to recoup its promotional expenses, and he released "Blood on the Dance Floor" (1997) with little fanfare. Jackson debuted his controversial "Ghosts" video (a narcissistic defense of himself) in selected U.S. cities on Halloween 1996 but quickly withdrew it (though it surfaced again at Cannes the following May). Despite the negative scrutiny, Jackson (along with his brothers) entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

Always charismatic, Jackson transformed himself during the 80s into an almost other-worldly icon, fond of wearing one glove, sparkling socks, thimbles on his fingers and military regalia, but the line between the performer and private man became blurred. Excessive cosmetic surgery to substantially alter his looks, public appearances wearing a surgical mask and a preference for animals and children over adults in his life earned him a reputation as a freak that two marriages and fatherhood have failed to dispel. To fully remove the tarnish from his crown, the King of Pop needs another hit, and if his excessive wealth has not totally estranged him from reality, then this perfection-obsessed artist will surely deliver the goods again. In the meantime, the gentle children's champion has his sights set on his own Majestic Kingdom, a proposed entertainment complex in Detroit, MI, that would include the Michael Jackson Thriller Theme Park, a hotel resort designed by the singer, a casino, botanical gardens, nightclubs and restaurants.

Jackson released the album "Invincible" in 2001, which was, for all intents and purposes, a commercial flop. It was heavily promoted by Sony and cost a hefty 30 million to produce. The album spawned one moderate hit "Butterflies," which was remixed with rapper Eve, In 2002, Jackson accused Sony of racism and said the label failed to adequately promote his album. Sony was shocked, saying they spared no expense in touting "Invincible"'s release. The accusations only served to further solidify Jackson's reputation as "out of touch" with reality.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

"Aloysius Born China"

Today in school. i'm illness will complicated matter on myself.. i felt so nervous about my practical phase test today.. Yeah. i got pray before i started doing my test paper. Yes.. i agree tat i'm Soo worry about the circuit i had connected the IC chip using wires all over the spaces.. And it's doesn't work at all. diaox.. And i was totally lose out of confidence on it.. yet i almost give up half way.. yaya.. i'm so fierce about it.. took me hours of extra time doing these stupid Circuit.. And i keep on trying n trying until the teacher said "everybody stop doing now, put down everything".. argh.. then suddenly last minutes.. i saw mine Circuit can work. i was so happy about it.. of course very successful done.. nice job aloy!! actually i must realli thanks God for answering my prayer.. if not.. my practical test won't work properly and maybe i'm going to fail soon or later.. hehe.. God bless me..

today, got Someone said these alphabetical "ABC" to me". i felt So wondering and it's so amazing tat i am "the one".. it's truth. i can't believe it.. i am "ABC" alphabet.. hahahaha.. later u will know who i am and wat is all about these "ABC" means.. shh.. Let Continue About these Biggest News about aloy today (hey everyone.. keep on reading it.. ok). it goes like tat.. there was a farny old lady whom i dunno her pretty well and she intend to tok with me inside the lift while i was digging out my percious key.. hehe.. ohya. i'm totally look so weird when i'm standing right beside her and she keep on looking at me nearer n nearer.. oh my goodness.. And she also said about my skin look complexion and my face look Cute.. wat the.. then she also tot tat.. i from china.. crap lor.. maybe becos of my face look alike china ppl.. haha.. it's all related to the alphabet "ABC".. yup. ABC stand for "Aloysius Born China".. haha.. i'm sure tat i realize tat it's sweetest as A...B...C...

today i went to church.. just to play my electric guitar with Raymond n wee koon.. it's cool to said tat.. And i had learn alot of skill btw them. yeah.. i also saw jess too.. she came of course.. for the meeting. then she dunno i'm from st andrew's sch.. cos i was wearing a white Saints T-shirt.. and she tot i am fr beatty sec or something.. haha.. nah.. Saints Rawks!! after playing guitar.. wee koon went straight back home for his dinner.. then only me n Raymond was left behind.. YES.. two of us went dinner at LJS... i wasn't bored at all.. both of us realli hava a fun chatting with each other.. haha.. joker.. so lame lor.. hehe..

gtg now.. i need to sleep now.. tomorrow got william hung.. i can't miss it on TV.. hahaha.. bie everyone.. she bang.. she bang...

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

"Beautiful Days"

Beautiful Days Gods as done..

it's a beautiful Days.. life was great for me.. yup. Days really past pretty fast and i can't previous Back on.. cya.

yeah. No lesson today.. i went to sch for test only. but.. the M.P theory test paper is damn difficult. i'm sure i able to pass it.. haha.. not like my classmate dunno how to do the MQ Question.. And Some of them even throw dice for the MQ Question. no hope liao.. they are really gone case.. (aloy shake his head)

i can't believe it seriously.. i get 800 Bucks Bursary awarded from MOE once again. i feel S0o0o happy about it when i heard these.. then i jump around with joy like nobody business.. hehe.. yah..God bless me of course.. it's too easy to get things works perfectly. i can said tat now i'm proud about myself working hard for it.. money as dropping onto my hand just like tat.. i deserve recognition of my achievements i have now. (Big smile from Aloy)

anyway. i haven't get my Good-process money yet. But soon.. i'm going to collect 400 bucks for good-process awards plus 800 bucks for Bursary Award at community Centre when i receive other letter from MOE next week. hehe.. i'm rich now.. nah.. i'm not going to use it.. maybe the money i will put it into the Bank saving account.. hehe..

alright.. gtg now. tomorrow i got M.P practical test going on. cya.. okay.. gd nite aloy.. bie!

oh Lord, you're So beautiful and also wonderful cross!!!!

Monday, March 08, 2004

"it's Rainy days"

It's time to Rain like a snow... haha..

Today was a rainy day. everywhere was badly flooding.. And the strong wind blowing me away just like a twinsted. nah. false.. it wasn't truth tat i had blow off.. haha.. today.. realli.. get myself refreshing and cooling. well. nice days to be.. hehe. yup. tonight i'm going to open all my window and let the cool air blow into my room so tat tonight i have a Comfortable sleep later on.. but.. i don't expected those Superman "mosquito" flying around and sucking my blood off... please..

today i just went out with Raymond. yup. i called him to follow me walking around looking for a Guitar at Penisula.. but.. i couldn't find tat guitar tat my brother told me then.. yup. i did saw any of the guitar selling lower prices.. well.. the shop seems to be selling lots of Guitar but it's too expensive.. too bad.. i need to save up six hundred bucks for a guitar i like.. And the guitar must have 100% good condition n prefect sound infact.. hehe.. no choice.. i need it for some reason thru some committed stuff!!! i can't tell anyone.. not Band stuff lor.. only Gods know wat i am doing?? let's my prayer works. Amen!!

Last Saturday..

i went out with a great time playing soccer with Wei Ming, Raymond, Kok Ping, Li Bin, Edward, Raymond bro and two senior Boys i had called out. yup. we met a challenge of five indonesia guys playing soccer with us. oh Yes. i score lots of Goals tat day.. just like i'm running like Micheal Owen with his speed on.. yup. great skill am I. but.. erm.. all the guys playing with us.. they look childish type and he Keep on scolding vuglar language when i tackle their ball.. oh mine....

Last week ago..

Raymond as share some funny stuff last week ago.. it's about those numbers in bishan fire station ambulances number.. hehe. tat day Raymond and I went to book our Basic Theory Test for driving. No.. total three guys book the test.. i left out my friend fazli.. opps!! hahaha.. guess wat? when i passed the Test receipt to Raymond.. u know wat he do??? i was shock by his big big Smiles on me and he laugh like an mad cow of course. hehe.. he said tat the Receipt on the index 51, 52 and 53.. is the numbers seems in the bishan fire station ambulances index! then i was "huh".. diaox.. he said tat he has been taking notice about the ambulance index.. And he sitting everytime on the ambulance either 151, 152 or 153 index. hehe.. it's really surprise by him.. Nono0Oo.. it's me.. cos i asking him to book on tat day wan.. hahahaha..

sch was ok. today i having D.A theory test. the paper is damn hard. soon.. i'm going to fail liao when i get back my result. yeah. somemore tomorrow i also having a M.P theory test too.. i hope tat everything can go smoothly doing the test paper.. i hate test.. argh.. anyway I Just pray about it.. cya..

i'm tired now.... tomorrow maybe busy again

okay.. tat's all for today.. hehe.. gd nite everyone!!! Buai..

Sunday, March 07, 2004

"Butterfly Effort"

Coolest Aloy's back again.. Miss me anot?? hahaha..

well. everyone was dragging me to church again.. cya.. i can't have a nice Rawks sound and hugging my pillow tight tight on my bed this morning.. actually brain asked me to potent 8am service today.. but.. i can't do tat to gods lor.. if i do it.. i'm going to break gods promise and hurt him alots... yeah.. it's truth fact men.. Blame myself then.. Sacrifice.. haha.. in e end i went to church but i'm late of course.. shh.. hahaha.. aiyo.. while i was sitting down..i saw michelle staring at me and she shake her head left n right like a India dances.. oh my goodness.. haha.. i think michelle brain need to be screwed up and tighten by me.. hehe.. (Aloy kick seashell butt really hard)

i feel gd now.. kicking seashell butt.. she bang.. she bang.. hahaha..

after service is over.. it's time to have lunch at MOS everyone!!! hehe.. we having a great time eating and chatting.. it's wonderful time to gather around with YF ppl. yup. fun to be with.. haha.. i also went movie with my CG member. yaya.. i watch the Butterfly effort.. it's quite interesting.. the story goes like these.. A young man struggling with the psychological effects of sublimated childhood memories devises a technique of traveling back in time to inhabit his childhood body.. but he finds that every trip back has unintended results on his present self.. leading him to travel back again and again.. trying to repair the damage that he's only making worse and worse... yaya.. so scary.. i can't believe reading a dairy.. blood from his nose can bleed.. EeeeEEe.. so gross..

Yes.. Yes.. i brought hillsongs United CD "more than life".. Cool.. Now i can listen to the CD whole day liao.. yup. nice songs.. Aloy Rock n roll his days off.lalalalalala...

yeah.. i'm going to fail.. tomorrow i got Test. how?? i didn't studying at all... dead now... i hope tomorrow paper should be easy.. just pray for it..

oh no.. i better offline now.. tomorrow need to wake up on time. okok.. tar tar.. Gd nite..

Thursday, March 04, 2004

"St Andrew's Woodville"

Do you know why WOODSVILLE is named WOODSVILLE?

Those of you, who like me, thought that Woodsville was named WOODSVILLE because it was 'wooded', were wrong. From the stories of Woodsville (SaintsDYK20 to 25), Woodsville was quite a barren estate. It was named WOODSVILLE because the estate belonged to a Mr.R.C. WOODS. His huge wooden bungalow, Woodsville House, was built in 1866. (The Principal's residence, built at the same time as the school, was named Woodsville House).

In 1946, after WWII, the school re-opened to take in pupils. In 1947, St. Andrew's (Boarding) House re-opened to take in boarders. The wooden bungalow was used as a makeshift boarding House. That year, more than 60 boarders and staff lived in it.

The Church Mission started a boarding house in 1887. At St. Andrew's Stamford Road (1875 to 1939), there were 2 boarding houses - (1) St. Andrew's House, with no connection with the school. It was for European and Eurasian boys studying in Raffles Institution, and (2) Romanis House, started by Romanis Lee, Principal, 1912-1921, who initially used his home as the boarding house, for Chinese boarders studying in St. Andrew's School. Later the two houses merged into one - St. Andrew's House.

One of the mysteries of Woodsville is that how come, in 1939, when building a modern St. Andrew's School, the Board did not complement it with a modern boarding house? (Maybe there is an answer in the records of the minutes of the Board's meetings.) It was only in 1956 that a new boarding house was built on the site of the original tuckshop, behind the school.

Here is another 'mystery'. Along Aljunied Road, there were two Woodsville Schools - a Primary and a Secondary - both founded in 1977. They will be relocated elsewhere. The Sec. School is temporary housed in the former Bendemeer Sec School, along Serangoon Road. I wonder what connection these Woodsville Schools have with Woodsville unless of course...

Coming soon....

brand New St Andrew'a woodsville

The St Andrew's group of schools is coming together in a unique collaboration of educational levels from primary school to junior college. This will be a one-of-a-kind arrangement that will line both sides of the river at the historic Woodsville site. The primary school will be expanded to the latest standards and the secondary school will get a whole new set of buildings on the original Diocesan land on one side of the river. On the other side of the river, in Potong Pasir, the junior college will be built to the most recent educational specifications.

While the three schools will contain the latest in facilities, they will be adding other facilities which will help them to continue their very special qualities as part of the St Andrew's family. These include more areas for games and games training as the primary and secondary schools are boys' schools which believe in turning boys to men.

At the junior college side, there will also be added emphasis on facilities in the performing arts to make students into the all-rounded men and women the nation would be proud of.

Traditionally St Andrew's has taken its place among the more recognised schools in Singapore because of strong community support. Foundations that have recognised the importance of contributing to education and ardent alumni have continued to help the three schools prosper. Unlike government schools, St Andrew's is aided and as a result has to raise 5% of the costs of the development for standard facilities and 100% of the costs for non-standard facilities. This comes for all three schools to a total of $8 million.

O when the Saints Go Marching in..

St andrew's Rawks U.. up And on!!!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

"Tiring Day... "

hi Dairy

i'm back to write again...

oh well. just to cut my phase short n simple.. i'm realli felt tiring for today. i might fall sick again..

Yup. me and Raymond just booked our Basic Driving Theory test today. i dunno i can pass my test anot.. see how it goes then. And i just pray for it when the days come. after booking.. both of us went bugis to buy some cute stuff to someone B'day as over.. shh..

anyway.. i have a great time for myself getting along.. it's totally wonderful day for me. Cool...

gtg.. sorry about it... i can't stay to long.. i need to offine now.. i'm realli tired.. i just want to sleep now.. okok.. Good nite and sweet dream.. bie

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

"My love"

-An Empty House,

-An Empty Room,

-A hole inside deep in my heart…

-I'm all alone and the rooms are Getting smaller.



-I wonder how…

-I wonder why…

-I wonder who I am…

-The Days I Had.

-The songs I sang "She bang" by Willian hung.

-And Oh my Love…

-I'm holding on forever…

-Reaching for a nightmare that i seems so Far.




-So I Say a little prayer...

-And I hope my dream Will take me to Australia.

-where the skies are blue...

-To see once again, My Love Overseas from Coast to Coast.

-To Find the Place I love the Most...

-Where the Field are Green,

-To see me gone again. My Love!!




-I Try to Read...

-I Try to Study well...

-I'm laughing at myself.

-But I can't stop to keep myself From thinking about it..




-I wonder how...

-I wonder why...

-I wonder where I am now...

-The Days I Had.

-The songs I sang "She bang" by Willian hung.

-And Oh my Love...

-I'm holding on forever n ever.

-Reaching for a world that i seems so Far...




-To hold me in my Arms...

-To promise my love...

-To Tell me from the heart.

-All I thinking of...




-I'm reaching for a love that seems so far for me...




Monday, March 01, 2004

" I Just Want To Sleep"

Dearest Dear..

Just to let u know tat i am really sick today.. yeah.. not feeling well at all.. i felt a bit of headaches n dizzy things like tat.. maybe tat night i slept too late because of updating my dairy..

sch was not ok.. i have lots of test coming on this week.. quite stressful nowadays on...everything need to refresh on my brain.. oh well. actually tomorrow is my M.P theory test but i don't intend to study at all.. not because i'm too lazy or wat.. maybe i'm too tired.. tired of i can't do things properly. my mind always thinking of "sleep" and day dream around.. Yes!! i just want to rest on my bed tat's all..

so tiring............... hehe.

yeah.. my dairy as a "brand New look" again!! izzit tat nice n cool?? haha.. i'm sure it's nice design layout.. i took two hours to finish up everything. haha.. i am too fussy about it anyway. opps!! hahaha..

alright. it's time for me to go bed liaox.. =)


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