Wednesday, May 26, 2004

" Let's have fun.. Exam's over!! "

exam's over!!! I am So happy... hehe.. it's an june hoilday now.. No more stress mind anymore.. hehe.. I felt more freedom doing watever things tat i wanted to do.. yup.. i love doing it baby!!! No sch!!! Let's keep their moonlight shinning every night above all our single days.. YEs baby!!! Play!! play!! hehex..

No! It's an plane!! No! It's an piggy!! Oh No!! Who's huh?? Who??? Who?? hehe.. anyway..

:P Happy Birthday Lydia!!! :P

Monday, May 24, 2004

i just came back from school.. but.. Now is the time for me to study for my exam liao.. okie.. No time to lose.. no time to wait.. i just need to spend whole of my life straying at the books now. hehex.. alright.. please pray for me ppl!!! i need to go now.. tc.. bye everyone.. bie..

Sunday, May 23, 2004

"Gals Military"

today youth Fusion was great.. everyting was so perfectly well done. yeah.. today sport com had come out their "soccer ministry". it's cool to say... And they also shown us some short "video clip" about soccer. I'm so honour tat I tell myself to register in the offical soccer ministry form.. haha.. cheryl aka cherry huh?? she said tat she want to be "goalkeeper" then everyone was laughter at her. she was like "..argh". lolz. hehex.. terrible nightmare Came today.. I saw leahly one group of gang there sitting next to cheryl aka cherry. cya.. they totally bully me!!! they tok something bad abt my coolest hairstyle.. then they say mine hairstyle look super awful lor.. especially leah who keep pointed at me!!! me!!! leah bully me!!! :P

I went for E-street today. me and clem. pair up together to reach out to ppl about god words and asked them to join youth alpha. Amen!! greatly blessing!! i'm so surpised tat i asked two person. Well.. this is mine dream tat come true from those ppl who wish to know more about gods eternity life. Yes. aloy did it!!! he spread 2 others!! clap! clap aloy!

YEAH.. things come to worse.. I joined the Gals Military!! cya. I went out shopping with amelia, michelle and audrey at J8 today. because audrey want to buy her shoes for her working place. tat why i follow audrey to hush puppies shop to buy her shoes there.. hehe.. Yes!!! both of my eyes was hided!!! I was so embrarrass while i'm the only guy whom entering these galy shop... yeah.. "view in" about three gals say about me!!

Ameila: ah aloy!! u look so embrarrass looking at gals stuff.. huh?

michelle: aiyo.. ah aloy!! u realli look like gal already wat!!!

audery : relax bro!!! why u look so embrarrass???

hahahha... yeah.. so many comments abt me!!! next time i'm not going to gals shop anymore. :P

sad men.. shi ying was so wired today toking to me.. she ask me these tough Question for me to solve it.. here it goes.. "will i be the first person to cross your mind?" then i was a bit of losing out mind from brainest cell to read it!!! hahaha.. but.. she's ok now!! dun worry.. aloy fix it!!! hehex..crap..

yeah.. finally bro Ray was back in town...aloy cya out loud!! he never buy for me anything from malaysia.. okie.. nvm.. i just store in my mind then.. dun.. cya...

gtg now.. i need to study right now.. okie.. bie!!!

ohya.. i forgot something to tell her.. thanks chloe for sending me this cute pic "I treasure you".. So cute lor.. smile chole!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2004


tired now.. i'm going to fall asleep soon or later.. hehex..

yeah.. today i have a boring life.. not much to do at home.. just stick on my com for 24 hrs just to do my blogger link and MSN chat. well. i just complete my layout out for blogger and i'm sure tat my blog perfectly nice now.. is tat truth ppl? comments plz?

this afternoon.. I started to do my blog for awhile.. suddenly chloe asked me to give her the music code site for background music.. den i was.. hrrrmph! So selfish.. haha.. but.. as a coolest friends.. i still give her the site larz.. u see!! I am a nice guy but no gal like me so sad leh!! dun aloy.. stop tat crap aloy.. hahaha..

after chloe was left. I begin to continue mine blog stuff again. today ben was busy... i shall not disturb him but i did.. hehe.. then i started to interrupted ben for awhile since i'm so free.. yup.. i asked him abt e free guestbook site onces.. then he telling me to go to "" site.. haha.. opps!!! tat site "bravenet page" can't be open at all. diaox.. hahaha..

after ben... jess and fazi came online then i started to click on them to chat with.. yaya.. jess told me about her important chinese "O" level in 2 week time. anyway, tonight while i'm doing mine Q.T i will pray for her then.. Amen.. yeah.. I realli happen to see fazi exam was over.. he was so happy today!!! argh.. wat was about to kick his ass out!! haha.. just kidding..

after both of them left.. shi ying started to chat with me. haha.. she told me tat she have a awful bruise yesterday while she's trying to hop up the cupboards with two legs and she also took a picture of her both legs shown out on her blog. Yes gal.. finally she PASSED her CHINESE!! God bless!!! haha.. And i also realize tat shi ying change her layout.. yup.. nice blog layout shi ying!! :)

after shi ying.. wee koon online.. me and wee koon only chat for awhile when he's waiting for his dinner to be ready.

after chatting with wee koon.. me continuing to process my blog once again for awhile.. QY and lydia is their turn to chat with.. QY get good marks becoz God reallie helped her through the paper.. Blessing!!! yeah.. QY told me n lydia tat her friend cried over "english" paper. I think her friend English didn't do well... sad right? but her friend "chinese" was the first ranking in class... somemore "A2".. Wow. haha.. lydia turn now.. Lydia's a bit weird today.. i dunno why.. she said she's normal but i dun think so.. maybe she felt so sad abt result she doesn't do well. (lydia listen up!! just tell yrself tat u can do better than O level.. just pray to god and u shall receive it. Amen!!) stay cool lydia!! :P

Next is cheryl turn to move on chatting.. yeah... cheryl got a new nickname by the way. coolest aloy named her as "cherry"!!! cherry!!! nice name she have.. hehe.. yeah.. wat happen on MSN just now was... she called me "alice" as a nickname for me lor.. argh.. lolz.. i told her "i am bitchly alice from plmgss and I always go D.C wan.. yaya.. cherry!! u got miss me anot?? u like me anot??" then she reply back : "alice.. huh!!! huh!! lolz.." .. haha.. both of us realli become so corny today!!! (hey cherry.. u miss me anot?? u like me anot?? lolz..)

yup. tomorrow i got BB parade. it's bed time and my com need to rest now.. alright.. nice chatting with u all today.. tc.. God Bless u!! goodbye coolest friends!!

Friday, May 21, 2004

"Rotting Day"

No sch.. Today is a Rotting day... I’m seriously never studies at all.. I become so lazy bun nowadays… terrible… today I had been spending whole of my life watching kids Central, doing blog stuff, online MSN, reading magazine and playing electric guitar. hahaha.. I love it!!! So fun being alone at home slacking around.. yet I can do watever things tat I wanted to do so… none of the interruption.. Is like a kind of freedom I had and more relaxtation mind refreshed. Is great to said tat.. life was so wonderful and beautiful to stay with . So nice..

This evening CG was great.. I’m seriously.. our gracelight guys was playing “two true and one false” game.. haha.. tat game was so fun and laughter as brought us. yeah.. today CG martial we are doing was “Purpose-Driven Group Agreement and Team roles. Yup. It’s good idea for CG to put words to their shared values and expectations and commitment. Yup.. finally I got mine spiritual partners whom he can support me more diligently and help me to grow spiritually.. haha.. my partner is Benjamin.. Ben family once again.. cool.. then next week onwards for the past six session.. me and Li Bin will be lead a brief worship time in our CG.. yaya.. first time ever avoid leading.. so great to be.. now I can sing out and play with my guitar. hey! U ppl dun run away from exit when I sang an awful songs to u guys… dun.. hehe.. yaya.. we have a gd news for our CG… next week there will be one newcomer joining us.. yeah.. he also a BB boys last time.. so cool.. now our CG guys increased from 12 to13 members. Wow.. praise the lord. Amen.

After CG ended 10.30pm… our CG went for supper at Jessica places. Yah.. we had fun and laughter no limit chatting with each other around and we also discuss about Boys Brigade and YF stuff. Then “Boss” asked me to plan the company camp for him next year.. dead larz.. no freedom.. How?? How?? I hate planning a camp and more meeting will be made each week.. is like burning my time off… argh.. I hate it!!!!

After supper.. kok ping drive his car and sent me back home safety. I think I reach home around 12 plus while my parents was sleeping like a piggy.. hahaha.. it’s truth.. :P

Oh well.. tomorrow morning.. I’m going to say “goodbye” to Ray, Ray bro, weiming, jason and kok ping liao.. yup.. they are going to malaysia for holiday mood. So gd lor.. I wish tat I can follow them to Malaysia.. but I cannot!!! I got stupid exam need to be taken Cya out loud.. anyway.. I asked Ray to brought me something in malaysia. I hope is nice gift or something… pray for it then.. hehe..

Tomorrow I’m going to spend my days study liao.. dun be an slacker again n again.. aloy dun.. dun.. hehe..

Okie.. tat’s all everyone.. I’m sleepy now.. goodbye reader!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


When we left the Stamford Road site the old Chinese Boarding-house came to an end. The House became as a personal venture of the Revd J. Romanis Lee about the time of the First World War. The boys were taken in to live with Mr. Lee in is own home, which was the house nearest to St. Peter's Church, backing on the Fort Canning Road .

After Mr. Lee left in 1921 there was a long list of supervisors. Mr. Joseph Lee, Mr. H.A. Bassett and Mr. G.J. Gurney were all enthusiastic leaders of the Chinese boys who came to live there. So the House had a quarter of a century of very interesting life.

There were quite a few able students among the members. In athletics Romanis House excelled. For many years most of the leading footballers and runners lived there. The tradition of soccer came from the founder himself. Despite his lame leg he was a great exponent of the game. Being boarders the lads would practice every day. The late Mr. Tan Ah Hung was the first. His only rival in greatness was Leong Chung Fah, Captain of the School in 1928. In his day, at least half of the School Football Team came from Romanis House.

It was an old house, and possibly looked an easy mark to a burglar. Among the few goods of value that might tempt a thief were the guitars and ukuleles, instruments on which the boys made frequent music. One Saturday morning a misguided youth decided to slip away with two of these. Unfortunately for him he was seen. He had little chance to escape – down Stamford Road – with Boon Chin Lock and Loo Kok Cheng at his heels. I met them as they returned with their recovered instruments. “Do you want me to lay a charge against the thief? I asked Chin Lock. Chin Lock was never voluble. He grinned, so did Kok Cheng. “He's had enough”, they replied.

One small boy in the House was an orphan, seemingly abandoned by any family he might have had. He had no pocket money, and in order to repair this shortcoming, he managed to sell a few articles like boots to the karong-gooni man, (the old clothes man). The boots did not belong to him, and the other boys took a dime view but not unkindly view of his business transaction. To remedy the situation there appeared, near the back door, a tin for subscriptions. It was labeled “…….'s Fund: Charity begins at Home”.

Romanis House was an excellent Missionary Agency. Only a few of those who came to live there were Christians when they came. The regular Christian life, and especially the example of the House Masters meant a healthy witness and a fruitful service to Our Lord. Romanis House, whose history covers less than 30 years of our country is a shining light in the story of St. Andrew's School.

R.K.S.Adams, 1955.

“Few students of education will dispute the value of a Boarding system in the school. The boys, with their whole lives within the classroom and outside it, under the direction of a trained staff, develop individually, socially, and physically and above all morally and spiritually. The much maligned school tie is rarely won by men who did not live and become a part of their own schools.”


Speech Day 1938

Sunday, May 16, 2004

"bad Sunday..."

church was fine. we had a prayer and praise today. but.. something interrupted.. oh gosh.. i couldn't pray for peter while Cindy and Winston tokking so loudly over the mike.. argh.. yaya.. we pray everyting abt YF and CG!!!! quite Cool.. yeah.. well.. chloe never say "HI" to me.. cya.. she dao me a bit today. And leahly worst den tat.. she treated me like devil.. she say aloy "Hair Suck"!!! well.. i know leahly well because my hair look like clay hair wat.. haha.. tat's why she so jealous abt it.. opps!! hehe.. dun kill me mei mei!!!

yeah.. haha.. me and Ray brought coolest b'day present for jessica. inside the present is a "stress out" pillow.. so sweet right.. hehe.. but she like it alot!!! then she told me tat she going to bring the "stress out" pillow to USA!!! CoOOOl...

after church was great.. i went out lunch with joezer, peter, ray bro and john at LJS. quite happier chatting with them abt guys stuff.

alright. this is the day to end my blogger.. is time to study for mine exam liao.. okie.. bie

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

"No Hope"

sch was terrible.. today MA practical was quite tough.. yeah.. this afternoon i felt so nervous doing these dumb test.. in the end.. I fail!! and next week i still need to come back to school just to retake these test again.. cya out.. i can't believe tat i failed these important practical which i realli do well for it and try my best for it.. but.. I ended up i'm a failure!! full stop!!! yeah.. tomorrow I still got AA practical test need to processing on.. i hope tat i can pass with flying colour.. pray for it.

oh well.. i'm tired now.. yeah.. it's time for bed.. tomorrow need to wake up earlier because the "strait time" ppl going to interview our class. sound quite cool.. haha..

alright.. gtg now.. bie

Friday, May 07, 2004

"thou shall not waste food"

yo dairy...

Long time never see me ah.. Wheeze... so here i am now... live one day at a time stormy. the month of May perserve us from danger! I'm serious.. Nowadays I'm getting more stressful.. More busy than I am.. Yet i can't different shape between me and god... life is like apart with god.. my days i had spend every single night life doing self studies alone at home.. yeah.. just to prepare for exam.. stress..

today sch was usually.. Lesson need to be continue day by day.. I just need to put on mine 2 ears pretty wide open and listen to wat teacher as told us to do and pay more attention. yeah.. exam r coming closest as wad i'm perseverance to do well for my GPA result. oh well.. i had been punk by my friend izwan today.. argh.. i better dun previous wat he said.. No way.. made me more Embarrassing as I know. I had been punk by William punk!!! haha.. but.. he Rawk Clay more!!

yesterday.. i just brought a top filter for mine goldfish to live... haha... Now the water look clearness than last time before. i guess the fishy swim more happily and healthy. yaya.. the filter cost me alot of cash.. but.. i dun mind spending on it.. hehe..

yeah.. tok abt last sunday... i did go for 8am or 11.30am service cos i ton the night before doing my sch stuff until next morning. haha.. tired and sleepy.. but.. i never skip the word of god of holy bible said.. haha.. i manage to go to New Creation church for service in the afternoon with john. haha.. pastor princes sound interesting and Crapping tat day.. oh my goodness.. is like surrounded with laughter. he told us "God asked us to eat everything you wanted, dun waste food tat god giving to us".. he said.. as wat contain in you still in yr body and "thou shall not waste food". hahahaha..

Cool... 30 days to go for Singapore idol at Suntec audition held on 3 june. Yes.. everyone was going madness and nervous about it.. i can't wait to see talented singer in singapore right here right now.. Yes.. Yes.. Go aloy.. go n register now!! but.. nah.. i dun have any talent.. Aloy can't sing.. aloy can't dance.. aloy only know how to eat n sleep tat's all. hahaha.. idol fever!!

okie.. tat's all fox's for today.. tomorrow got school going on... alright.. bed time.. goodbye.. tc..

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