Friday, July 23, 2004

"Mr Tan"

"I apologise, 'cause this is Earth technology." -- Mr Tan.
"We live on Earth, but we're Marslings." -- Rachel, being not quite herself. Is that her inner Martian, we see?
"Not behave *like* yourself. *Behave* yourselves." -- Mr Tan, imparting words of wisdom.
"...Before i turn very mad. You know, PMS?" -- Mr Tan, who has quite obviously forgotten his sex...?
"That's a very awful way to laugh." -- Mr Tan, grinning. "*nonchantly* I laugh like you what." -- Ying Yi. "*defensively* I'm a guy what." -- Mr Tan. "But you're gay what." -- Cheryl (with reference to the PMS-ing quote.)
"Imagine. You go through AEP. End of four years you draw something like this (proceeds to draw a very cartoonish and child-like drawing of a human face)" -- Mr Tan "*defensively* It's abstract what!" -- Carol.
"Let's learn how to count today! One hundred minus ninety nine equals one. Quite hard to understand." -- Mr Tan, proving he's a wonderful Maths teacher.
"Leeeeeeee-near." -- Mr Tan, proving that he's quite a good English pronounciation teacher as well.
"Shireen! Do Question One! See if you can bluff your way through." -- Mr Tan. "Mr Tan, so evil!" -- Robyn, who apparently doesn't know how to stay out of trouble's way. "Robyn! Do Question Two for saying I'm evil." -- Mr Tan, grinning.
"Someone slap you, you slap them back!" -- Mr Tan, simplifying Action and Reaction.
"Don't act cute when you're not." -- More words of wisdom from Mr Tan.
"*knocks spectacles*" -- Mr Tan, in a bid to show us what is glass material. "*deadpanning* That's *plastic*." -- Us. "Oh yah." -- Mr Tan, seeing the error of his ways.
"*chanting* SPAH-cific! SPAH-cific!" -- Us, during a specific heat capacity lesson, where Mr Tan seemed not to be able to say 'specific' properly. "*hurriedly* Never mind!" -- Mr Tan, going red in the face.
"My friend took the Material Course at U. Now he's a salesman." -- Mr Tan, rightfully warning us against Material Courses.
"I'll repeat again. Again." -- Mr Tan, being very smart.
"Eh, speak!" -- Mr Tan, mincing his words.
"Not apple juice, not orange juice. ALPHA JOULES." -- Mr Tan, clearing up a common misconception.
"Make sure your big is BIG and your small is SMALL." -- Mr Tan warns us against making (BIG?) errors in size.
"May I see the Class Chair, please?" -- An innocent girl, asking at the door of the class, for the class-chairperson. "Class Chair? *pushes the teacher's chair foward* Nah, Speak." -- Mr Tan, wickedly teasing the poor girl, who looks horrified at the thought of conversing with a chair.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Great day have been my hope and confidence to bring others to "better life" for our lord. Nobody stop me now cause I’m a part of the Christ army now. Everyday I can feel his power go over me.. I know our god is the strongest tower above everything.. you can see what you can see through into his heart every single beating…  just like u give yourself up and lose your pride to others. As u know tat the world changed everyone life cause it’s only you I seek… let us shine for u father and I know u hold the whole world is yours and I want to live for u forever n everlasting. In every words.. in every sense.. to live for the one who died for me.. Yes!! All of my hope is in you tat saved my soul.. Yes!!! Jesus would you light my way!!! All I ever need is you!!
haha.. sorry.. i'm holy now... Amen...

Sunday, July 18, 2004

"Winston on Fire"
Today is an faithful days.. I’m getting to know Gods better and better… God as save me from everything I needed. Well. I might feel more headaches than things goes wrong to me.. sometime I cannot expected everything to be perfectly done and well management stuff tat times goes ahead.. yup. I must really pray for it and give thanks for our god has provided me so much wonderful things tat I even know abt the world is so great… cool..
Today church was great… Winston is on “fire”. Haha.. I can’t believe What he was doing.. he become so hyper suddenly.. as what everyone know about it. Right? Yeah..  Today the sermon was very interesting while Winston sharing about “worship” stuff. He really put me into “alive” today. Well done Winston!!! I hope tat u can do much better then today… clap! Clap! After YF service was over.. melissa and leah was super “dao” to me because aloy wave his hands so high up then just to say “bye” to them tat’s all… but.. but.. both of them so dao!!! Dao!!  Yaya.. chloe.. Amelia.. Daniel.. walter… etc. they all are so nice to me. hehe..      
I went out for lunch with Joezer, Daniel, Edward Bro and wee koh at KFC.  Then.. after lunch.. it’s time for “Soccer Training”.. we warm up ourselves to kick the balls everywhere.. haha.. so fun.. so fun.. I even score a goal today.. nice.. nice..
Okie.. tomorrow is tomorrow… I need a rest more… I’m super tired now.. okok.. gd nite… . 

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

"BOTC, Day 2"

hihi!! i just came back home from BOTC course... i'm super tired nw.. And i might fall asleep right now!! but today BOTC.. it seem to be interesting and fun too. hahax.. today lesson was great.. somemore we having a Squad "presentation" on the topic of "community in BB".

oh no!! fitness test coming soon.. i'm going "fail" soon cos i can't even do an single "pull-up" at all. diao.. how??? how?? somebody help me!!!

Monday, July 12, 2004

"mean gals.. tsk.. tsk"

Today I felt too moody.. I am realli sick and tired of something tat I get myself stormy.. sometimes I’m quite stressful about things get into my mind can’t go away… just wat I hated my life to be here.. yeah.. and I had to attend each single days of “learning” courses I had sign up for and sch stuff too… so tiring.. in my mind got so lot of things going to happening on this two month out going.. likely attending BB care project for BOTC, heartsaver Courses at Alexandra Hospital Training Center, BOTC courses every tuesday, Creative CE courses, BB meeting, BB parade every sat, Oasis, FOG jamming session, jobs , soccer training, two major school project need to done, class test starting on august and fitness test this week. I’m going madness soon... yep. too much things to follow up each week. I might faint or fall down in the deep ocean. Anyway.. I better dun worried so much about it as what walter told me to do “relax manx”.. yes ppl!!! I hope tat someone will do me a praying for our lord Jesus Christ and ask him to bless me for his kingdom…

Today church was fine.. haha.. finally I launched mine imported shoes today.. the condition of the shoes was great. I love it… yeah. now I got two imported Shoes. Cool.. I’m trying to collect more and more…

I went movie with leahly, melly, chloe, wee koon, Jx, kaingan and cheoky today. We watched the “mean gals”.. too lame… is out of mine expected “standard list”. The stories about the movie is totally of point.. izzit tat the movie as a low budget income?? Oh well.. who care… I dunno… just forget it tat all..

After the movie… suddenly joezer called me up and he asked me to play pool with him.. so I went Orchard to find him.. then.. we started to play pool.. yup.. I agreed tat I’m a big big loser.. Yes! today u r so lucky as u know me better than.. hahax.. I’m going to screw u up and down…. Dun run away from me.. hahaha..

Okie.. tomorrow school start at 9.30am.. it’s bed time.. yaya.. just finished mind Q.T while I’m laying on my bed just now.. today Q.T I learn was…“keep talking”. Quite amazing.. it’s cool.. okie.. gtg.. bie

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Today was the day.. everyone felt so happy abt “good News”.. our class dismiss 9am today.. we ended our period so early while other class till carry on their boring lesson. Mdm chia was absent for the past few days.. I think… maybe she having a “SARS” period.. poorthing.. don’t come better… hehex..

Yesterday was great.. first day of BOTC opening session.. I’m the only guy from 76J Coy who went there for the course this year. Sad manx.. but everyting was fine to me.. I felt alive!! because I make a lot of new friends out there from different area of BB company Zone while they break up us into our squad. Yeah.. mine squad was “squad 4”.. cool.. but.. sad thing to say.. mine squad aunt “annie” asked me to be “deputy squad shepherd”. Argh.. I dun wan to be… I had been force by aunt annie. Help!! Help!!! Haha.. Christopher lock who’s our speakers for our opening session . He look veri corny and funny person.. he make us laugh so loud… so funny.. but his life in BB was quite interesting!!! we also have our sharing session with the brigade highest-ranking do with us some sharing about BB life…. I hope tat I can be like them.. serving BB for so many years..

Tomorrow.. usually timing for Thursday.. wake up early in the morning for school then evening 7pm go to cell group…

Okie.. gtg now.. bie

Saturday, July 03, 2004

"Dream away"

Yo! I’m back to update my blog again.. these days I’m so glad tat everyone keep tagging my tagbox. I can say tat “you ppl Rock”!! Especially.. joezer and leah.. they are mine regular “coolest bubby” who tag me all the times.. Yep. Thanks alots. Weeeeee.. I just created the new design layout for my blog and I called tis blog “ I wanna Be who wanna be dream away”. Sometimes.. I can’t dream of everything I wanted to be.. but I can dream of something tat related into my life.. the words of “dream” it’s just the symbol for putting your dream come true. And u will never know wat kind of dream u “dream” for ?? I’m sure tat Things will just appear from u somehow.. hehex.. I hope my dream will not be too messy type. Oh well... I might think tat my blog is the “best” among those “dreamers” out there!! Izzit tat truth??? Nah... just kidding. Haha..

Yesterday was the auditions for those talented youth to join the worship team.. but me!! I am old liao!!! Hahaha.. Clap! Clap! I heard tat QY was great!! Yaya.. I’m veri impress about her talent for god and our FOG band but she need to practise more tat’s all. Well done QY!! I heard from pple tat Joezer not bad larx... Zip! Zip! Hahax.. All this auditioning was good.. but at least they putting up their talent to play for worship “for our god”!!! anyway.. I wanted to go audition.. as a singer I mean.. but.. too late… haha.. I tell ben tat I can’t prepare to sing last minutes. Sad case….

CG was fun!! I cannot believe wat am I doing in CG.. I’m so hyper with gods power. I really lead the worship for my CG. I am the person who realli worshipping for our god just past few week CG session…. and I also try to share something to ours about my life going. I’m so glad tat I’m staying with God belong in his heart. Gods as really put me into his house now. Yup.. “God is good, All the time” . I praise u lord!!!!

two week ago.. I had a great time with FOG member jamming and meeting as well. Yeah. Michelle keep on laughing at me when I sing “praise him” .. argh.. she say I sing like gal or gay voice. Kuku her!!! Hahax.. after the next song “I could sing for yr love forever” !!! I try my veri own best.. jen and mic asked me to catch up the beatting and timing.. I was a bit lost n found.. haha.. Cool.. god prayer works!!! I did it u know!!! I had lift up my solo voice just to sing the two parts. Blessing !!! Yeah.. About joezer!! I felt more headache with him. I remember I really say to all FOG member tat we only play simple songs.. not those “advance” hillsongs as someone wanted to show off too.. plx.. worshipping is something to keep ppl in touch with yr great songs to god… as we play simple songs… we also praise our god name lifted high as our talent goes.. yes! we have try and work hard for it. I understand god will be with them and we shall continue wat we have learn those session we get messy up everytime. Yeah. I felt our member put “god” first choice!!! they really stay together to work it out and plan out wat to do next. tat’s the gd point we are here.. anyway.. I hope tat tis band will keep more firmly and try to reach out to those saving ppl!!! Joezer listen up!!! Haha.. I’m going to put “daryl” in our FOG band soon!!! Joezer be humble.. ok?? I thinking of putting daryl “first choice” drummer!!! I make sure u humble more.. as wat I told u!!! plx.. tell yrself!! R u “really” to play “for our God” ???

Tomorrow is an BB budden for me.. quite tiring I mean .. I got a lot of things I need to handle by myself. Oh yes.. I ‘m the duty officer tomorrow lor.. sad manx.. So.. I just make sure parade everything go smoothly tat’s all. Oh no.. not again!! tomorrow I’m leading Singspiration again…. I just notice tat I had been leading the singspiration so many times.. argh.. why me??? why?? Hahaha…

alright.. it's sleeping time.. bie.. goodnite

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