Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Weee.. I cant wait for My birthday this coming Saturday. Oh well. Sad to say that Im getting older and older. More likely mind Youth generation going to be ended soon. Sad case. Haha. Saturday maybe Im going out with Dan this Saturday. Yaya. Dan and me Super close brother during Seconday .. but now. We seldom go out together because Im quite busy these days. Oh well. I cant take my days to hangout with him. Im totally busy. I have three project on the rush now. Its burden me and I’m hash about it. I dunno what I’m going to get for my birthday. I hoping for…

This is what I am wishing for…

1. Pocket PC
2. Apple MP3
3. Acoustic Guitar
4. Imported Nike Shoes
5. Adidas Polo Shirt
6. Levi’s jeans
7. Flesh Imp T-shirt
8. Four Skin T-shirt
9. Leather Wallet
10. O2 Handphone
11. Small Bible

Hmm.. I think is too exp. OMG!

But. I hope u ppl.. Remind yourself to come 1st Oct 2004.. I’m having a combine Birthday Party with me and Weiming next Monday at East Coast. Everyone Welcome.. If you wanted to come!! Please tell me later so that I can arrange for you. open register yourself from me through Sms or E-mail! Date end 29 September.. see ya there!! God Bless you..

Saturday, September 18, 2004

"Shall I leave YF"

Im back. Im feeling better than I was in Yesterday. Yesterday my emotion was totally bad anyway. I always hold my problem into my hreat too long without telling anyone. Yes! I agree what Im spreading to everyone about it. I always wanted to leave Youth Fusion more than four times in my life. Youth Problem keep on repeating in my mind. Its not because I’m alone or lonely. It God bring me back from New Creation Church then enter into YF as a missionary. everyone did know that I’m from new creation church for the past two years there. I felt so happy staying in NCC there but I’m making a different in YF now. What happen to YF now?? In NCC.. I must say my life here was totally amaze with god’s grace. God really hold the youth back strongly in new creation youth ! how did they do it to reach out? Youth.. please tell yourself?? can u be the one who can show the good example to the next generation youth? Example what I felt in NCC. There are youth worship here.. It’s amazing.. youth are so unity and their youth teenager really warmest welcome you. they hop and sing with their heart open.. lifting up their hands like a eagle wings and dancing with their joy to the lord. yes! Just one person! Everyone will follow u. even there are people who are keen down and someone who cried out so loud and shouted Jesus I need u while worshipper still continue flowing spirit around them. Passion was there! Feeling was there! How did u feel? Did u want to over look .. have u heard of YF united once again? Did you want to be the one to be the great discipleship to follow up more unknown ppl u have meet in YF? People in YF can it be shy to share and talk with. Never never leave the loneliness person sitting alone. As a Youth shall not be shy between these signal. Make yr life open to others whom they can understand you more! I know young youth can do it! you can! You can be the one! I believe Youth fusion can be the one family for you. it’s between u teenage in YF out there. Tell yourself! have been done better than before the past few year in YF u serving now and what u feel about YF now? Anything different? Did you want to see wonderful things happen every sunday? It’s all depend on you now. Are you willing to do it! Just to make YF successful as a brother and sister in christ? Youth have to work together really hard as a team and make more friends from other cell-group. They know Jesus care and love them so much. u can act u are Jesus to them too. In CG three times a week when sharing session in CG. I notice tat everyone are not open to tat. Tell yrself? did u need someone like Jesus can be set closet into yr life as a great friend who can help u? tell yourself have you share problem in CG time? There are many way to open out to someone problem in life tat can be unsolved it. Did you share to someone tat we are not close with?? personal problem matter it too common in life. If u share out yr problem without close friend but u trust him or her. It really felt my cross blood flowing around me. But I failed so much as what I’m helping them. I can tell you I have lots of wonderful friends around me everywhere. Why am I so worried about young youth ppl in YF? I felt that YF have a poor management going on and on. youth keep on sticking with their own CG too much And what about people who are newcomer and someone who are sitting alone during youth service. If you are sitting alone without any YF friends? How u feel then? I can see that Everyone just enter in and out during youth fusion service each Sunday! Have u learn anything for there? Sad case. Answer is No!! oh well. That why I am tired and upset about all these thing I’m writing into my blog. I must tell u!! I’m saying the right pointed! It’s the truth fact. I got young youth agree with me and strongly support for all these words that I brought up these notice into my blog. YF people out there please think about it? Tell yourself again.. did you want to see YF unity?

shall I leave YF or stay YF?

please E-mail me about what u feel in YF now...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Terrorism 9/11

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

No sch! I’m getting boredom now. I might be happy to stay at home for whole of my life rotting. Pardon me for not going out today. I’m dying now… can someone go out with me. hehex.

Last Sunday is an happening day for Melissa and Valerie.. after street-E and YF.. We celebrate their birthday through my successful devil plan. we done it anyway!! Poor Melissa.. she has been kana blind folded by me and leah walking up and down the stair and she don’t notice she was walking around the whole church. But she look happy on tat day. lucky Valerie! she run away from me.. thanks god! her cell group hold her back for a few minutes. If not.. I dunno what explanation for everyone. And the cake.. It’s so exp but I brought it. I have lots of comments about the “truffle cake”.. OMG! Some of them say is too bitter and too sweety but they love it. Then Kai, chloe and Jun Xiong keep playing the cake. Yes! They are destroying Melissa and Valerie cake! Then Leah didn’t eat it because she said that she’ll grow fatter Bun bun. Melissa also.. she said her throat pain so she never ate it. Cheoky eat once try then he become so addicted by the cake. Cheryl I dunno. cos she busy cutting the cake pieces by pieces for everyone.. Val didnt eat it because she hate me alot. Hahax.. anyway. I hope everyone enjoy their party.. Happy Birthday Melissa and Valerie!

after tat. i went hiking with uncle Bun, john and Edward. hahax. i dunno where am I hiking through out but it's fun with them truthy. i think we hike into a big houses with seven cars and tat land was so big. then i even saw four soccer field around the forest area.. cool. i can't believe what i saw on my own eyespop. interesting explorer!! hahax. i would like to hike again.. so fun.

Count your blessings, name them one by one,
count your blessings, see what God hath done;
count your blessing, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the lord hath done.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Exam over now!! I’m so glad that I having a one week holiday break out. Praise the lord!

God as set me free.. I wanted to shout to the lord!! Hehex.. It’s an freedom for me.. finally it’s time to relax my mind. Refresh wat I’m going to be next.. hahax… of cos. I’m planning to enjoy myself for Advantage outdoor event with my friends. Cool.. I can’t wait now.. I love it..

Yesterday Fog session was great.. everyone improve their talent and skill alot. Me also gd too!! I really Worship for our god! I sang strongly against the lord! My feeling was there too.. I’m serious.. I didn’t know that I sing so well through my heart and soul to him. The compassion was making a different person between me and Jesus Christ. It’s so wonderful when I sang so smoothly and I caught the tunes right. Fun worshipping ppl.. hahax…

I just want to…

Shout to the lord….

I love u jesus…

You’re my savior above all..

Thank you so much Jesus…

You’ve brighten my days…

The songs Roar you and heart for you..

Nothing compare with yr power onto me…

I just want to worship you more…

Friday, September 03, 2004

Stress! Stress! Stress!! I’m getting more n more stressfulness each days I’m worried about something won’t happening to me but the things just appear like infinity work out. Yah. Do project like Siao! Prepare for exam for next week and Revise all my modules topic also like I’m abit of Siao Siao now!! My life are so complicated matter.. rather I am insist to do my best for it or I just forget it! But thing failed me! hurt me alot! Life Sucks! Mainly more thing mentioned than anything else. Sacrifice always make us feel miserable minded. I know god who I am.. he always have his own passionation for me to gone through the path way to done it well. Yes! God speaks straight to us as we pray.. I agree he gives us.. strong impressions.. feelings about what to do.. or a thought might pop into our head! Sometimes god closes a door on us.. we’d like to do something or go in a particular direction, but god says “no” by just not letting it work out! He might open doors of opportunity when he’s saying “yes” to you. izzit? The cross… is the answer to the problem I have?? Just tell me why? Argh.. I hate myself!!!

Last Tuesday.. It’s an Teacher Day celebration. I’m so happy!! I went back to Saint Andrew Sch with some of my ex-classmate like Adrain and Dan. Argh.. bleah! Adrain was late for one hour.. then me and Dan have to wait for him.. if not.. we can’t said "hi" to our teachers after 10.30am because all the teacher have to went to J.B for a teacher’s day trip. Lucky.. we went there as quick as possible by the bus 853.. hahax.. the bus service safe our life reaching there. OMG! I’m crazy now! Falling in love with teacher!! Oh Yes! I saw Mr Lawrence koh whom he teach me English last year. He was quite busy with his perfect stuff but he manage to with us.. Gd! Gd! Alamak! Mr Lawrence koh Until now he still remember me and Dan potent sch together when there was the half day for the sch event then he always call our parent up!! Tsk.. tsk.. I also saw Mr Poon!! My D&T teacher from sec 3 & 4!! I’m so glad and honor to see him around. I never forget D&T project for GCE level.. I was the top ranking remark for the school design & technology excellent!! Cool right!! Thanks Mr Poon!! Oh no.. I met Mr Tan in the workshop!!! Terrible.. He keep on bugging me and pitching me for coffee treat.. :P he waited for me three years to treat him!! Poor him.. Say me “fat” larx.. but he still the same archaeologists dug up the skeleton of a dinosaur. Lalalala.. I Don’t care!! Mr Tan always bully me wan.. sad case.. hehex.. Mrs Belinda Charles!!! Our Saints principal!! She saw us!!! she Warmest welcome us back.. she was like.. veri happy and chat with us about life in Saints!! She asked us to join SA Boys Old Alumni!! Cool!!! I might be joining!! Hahax.. I have a lot of memories for teacher and my studies in “Saints” for ten years!! I never regret it!! we are one family unbroken!! One voice uplifting, to glorify thy name. Amen!

Once @ Saints…. Always @ Saints… Saints Rawks!!!!!!!

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