Saturday, November 06, 2004

Stress Days

This month was November.. It wasn't my day to have fun with. Just tat I'm getting myself more frustration and quite stress these days on. I'm too tired.. Maybe I think too much about project tat apply me through my life style. Yeah. Despite of no life setting mood in my days. It's totally worried when the day that I got exam tightens me off then project needed to be rush on time. argh. I hate myself now!

yeah. Nowadays I really hate my own classmate. I hate them. My closest friend like afred say was right. They getting more and more selfish without helping anyone else. They really think of their so cleverest infront of yr act. But. nah.. I can't judge someone who are genies. i always believe that human are not perfectly done and everyone had an sins on it. Yeah. We still got three week for our graduated day. Oh yes! We going to be apart soon. hehex. I'm waiting.

stress! stress! Next week practical test.. Hopefully tat day can pass.. hahaz.. Okay. I need to finish up my assignment and powerpoint presentation now.... buai!

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