Sunday, January 23, 2005

"Army life"

hi everyone. I'm back.. haha.. army life was tough during their training style. I think my skins look more darker and more slim now. yeah. life in the army was too strict abt their rulez there. u cannot do anything for advantage u want to be.. they will make sure u suffer more inside. it's a discipline matter for you to understand why u did wrong. of cos.. not enough of bed time everyday without 7 hours. yeah. I remember the first day i step into army. i was totally blur and i dunno what to do. it was the nightmare.. i was scolded by them like hell then everyday have to do push-up and pull-up. so tiring.. okie.. i think i need to pack my stuff for booking in now.. sianz.. no life and fun at all......

Friday, January 14, 2005

"help me..."

argh. i still haven sleep yet! I just keep on worried abt my enlistment today. i'm worried of cos.. just that i'm thinking too much while i am having a nightmare just now. oh gosh.. i forget i haven pack my bag. okok.. cry everyone! i think it's time for me to offline now. big hug for everyone who know me.. haha.. i have to tell u tat i'm away from two week because i will be staying in the camp for macho training. buai manx..

Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Is the end..."

oh well. the days as come to the end of my life.. tomorrow is the end of my life to report for NS enlistment for guards unit camp AT 8AM. argh. hopefully i can wake up on time! yeah. i'm just realli worry abt my pull-up.. argh. tat's the best part! i can't do a single pull-up at all. cya manx.. suffering now... tonight going to be an nightmare for me.. hehex. well.

For the past 8 week ago.. i have been enjoying myself rotting at home for the whole of my life doing nothing. And i had spend alot of unnecessary stuff. then.. somemore i also travel to indonesia and malaysia island with my friends for my holiday trip. haha. going overseas was fun to be. yeah. i was there for food and i even go there to watch the lastest showbuZZ. haha. i have no ideas.. i think i'm fat now...

yesterday afternoon.. i'm mad for jogging alone. yet i can't expected i can jog so far.. And the distance between toa payoh lor 8 to potong pasir is so far ahead. haha.. somemore i met my secondary school teachers outside the main school gate while i'm jogging back home... when i reach home... i try to do more sit-up and push-up in my room while my door are locked.. i'm trying my best to be fit all times.. yeah.. so tiring.. haha..

the map that shown you where I jog:

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Template for 2005

haha.. finally. i just change my new layout! hey.. look cool and look better now.. yup! SP band rocks manx! i love the songs so much through my friends intro dudez.. okie... i'm tired now... buai everyone! enjoy looking at my new template. lol.. bless you..

Saturday, January 01, 2005

The End of 2004

I'm giving up , not wasting my life , on a rotten flesh ,
Giving myself life , a brand new start , a fresh new chance .
Not to be anchored by my troubles or worries ,
Breathing new air , exploring new grounds , eating some fresh berries .

This will be my last one , the last thing i'll ever write .
Hope i'll never be back again , no matter its bad or right .
I just wish that somebody will come by me ,
Again , to help me wash away my memories .

Happy New year 2005!!!!!!

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