Monday, March 19, 2007

“BB enrollment Rock the world..”

Yesterday, My work was really super damn slacker. Yeah, I’ve nothing to do at all. Andrew just asked me to serve customer only because of the busy crowed customer not buying anything from RSH Funan. Apparently, Jena might be flying off back to Philippians for 12 days annual leave. Yeah, without Jena I will be screw up with my job and cashier stuff. Hopefully, God will bless her with her happiness and peace with her family member there and I’ll pray for her before she flight off. JENA GONE! And shi ling keep gossip about her dress. She thinks that I don’t bring her dress and she confronts me saying sinful words. She damn devil. Haas.

After my work, I straightway went down to Toa Payoh church for rehearsals. In the end, I wasn’t the one doing marching of color party because of my hair were brown with bright colors. Everyone was so annoying towards me. Oh gosh.. Esp. Amelia keep saying that my hair look like an monkey hair colors . So mean..

The rehearsal was damn cope up with their timing and drill. I realized that 10th Company boys damn screw up with their own style of marching. They really march like those robot cop. They can’t even swing their both hand properly and the leg was like gay walking. Wells, I’ve no comment about it but I meet their two new in-charge teacher. I think compare to my company; they got a lot of different way of teaching them.

After the rehearsal ended, I bring all the kids down to eat their supper before light off from bed. The kids were damn nonsense then I scolded them but my loud voices wasn’t get them into my attention. Lucky, I got some of my senior boys to help me up with the foods. yeah, everything was done in time for the kids to sleep at the music room.

Around 2.45am.the sound level begin so loud. Some of the junior boy didn’t sleep at all. They were playing around and started disturbing their others friends while they’re sleeping. Then I started punished them one by one in front of me. I also look at them while they’re sleeping inside the music room. oh wells, That why I look damn tiring today because of trouble maker kids.

Today was the day that every single boys wearing their smartest BB uniform represented with 10th, 76J and 104th Singapore company in the main service. Everything was pretty good. Our band also perform very well in front of the crowd. The pastor and principal of the school really praise us with our roll of commitment for the volunteer Job. And we don’t forget their parent very supportive towards us.

Below, there are some picture taken in the Enrollment service.

(left: 10th coy flag, middle: 76J coy flag, right: 104th coy flag)


the boys in the main service

tiring days for senoir section

smart wear


two officer cadet Rawks!

cute little boy...

his name is jerry.. cute right?


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