Friday, March 09, 2007

"MY HAIR.. "

Yesterday, i went alone just to go to saloon for drying my hair brown plus hair treatment and hair cut. the total cost that i spend 30 bucks for everything provided because the saloon just open currently. yeah! some ppl disagree my colour with my skin colour. Eric called xiao Beng because my hair colour look like a gangsters. lolz. some ppl say that i look like a monkey colour. wah liao.. i feel like dying my hair another colour which rumous spead around.

after that i met up with andrew at golden mile beach rd. both of us looking for clothing. Actually i like one cango pants but they dun have my sizes. it's just too bad for the coolest shop which i wanted to buy from them.. lolz.

next met up..! i meeting shi ling at the Crazyest orchard location. perhards that someone was super duper late. i think i waited for one hours for her to come while i'm busy shopping alone. oh wells, i understood that her job was always on and off during offices hours plus some overtime job. i didn't blame her with late reason. yeah, i wanted to buy shirt and tie for some event which shi ling accompany me around. we went G2000 for some nice matching design with a tie. some of the shir damn screw up with colour different quality. yup! i agree with shi ling that got one nice shirt that display was nice. i might be buying the shirt next week for the own sake of buying for some big event.

after all the taka was closed. we went to eat something great and relaxtation restaurant. the food dishes there was yummy and tasty.

both of us order :

shi ling order the blueburry pie dessert

me order the "chicken and chip " dishes which highing recommended

ANG BAO river at esplanade

The royal sporting house BuZZ, all the picture was damn lamez.

the pic to
ok before he leave funan. lai cheng nice Butt..!!

Good cusmoters service part 1

Good cusmoters service part 2

my best friends from campus superstar.

Puma display

Poh seng ho and jerry friends gathering on last month. The high class "Kushin" Restaurant recommended by my medic 3rd guards poh were located at suntec city which is the most convenience area. the cost prices for each person is about S$36.90 including GST and service tax. lolz. super duper exp but quite worth the buffet plus the free flow "japanese snow crabs". lolz.. nicez and tasty..!

Full house sign board located at the entrance

Cost price banner near the waiting point...

High class restaurant

jerry finish his buffet after that he go and do some pull up for next IPPT



fried japanese snackZ.


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