Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"RSH new member.."

Today is an awful Tuesday; it was suppose to be my relaxation day. Yeah, I’ve received my junk mail from Adidas; Nike and Reebok markdown listing really affected my emotion. haha wells. Harsh on…! I have really done all my Reebok listing plus the Nike listing still halfway processing. Hopefully, Everything will finish up by this coming week.

Yeah. Today we got a new staff just joining us in RSH funan team. This gal was damn short and small sizes compare with me two body sizes. And She aged 17 years old still currently studying in Singapore but she born in Malaysia JB. Andrew asked me to teach her basic shoes stuff end up one-hour lesson. Then Andrew scolded me for talking so much crap to her. So funny..

Tomorrow I’m working full shift with Andrew, I’m dying with loaded pieces of listing stuff to do. Yeah, tomorrow I might not eat my first break because I need to go down marina square golden village to buy my movie ticket because I’m meeting shi ling for movie on Thursday. Haha yeah, I will be bringing her to “chocolate bar” at the esplanade with all my sweetest memories there.

Just now shi ling told me that she went to face shop brought an 80 bucks stuff. I was like… CRAZY! I wanted to scold her for buying nonsense thing. But. Actually she buys the stuff, which is less than 50 bucks, which is quite fine for that reasonable.

Anyway. I’m logging off new.
Sign out.


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